Full collection of mission patches issued by SpaceX, the Air Force 45th LCSS Support Squadron and the 5th SLS Air Force Support Squadron.  Also featured are patches for the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Programs, along with Skylab and Mars Landers

Also check our our Archive for historical data on previous missions launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station as told through their mission patches

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SpaceX Crew Nine Mission

Product no.: T100963

$9.95 *
In stock

MOUS-3 Patch

Product no.: T103341

OVT5 Mission Patch - 45th LCSS

Product no.: T103433

SES-9 SpaceX Mission Patch

Product no.: T103381

MOUS-2 Mission Payload Patch

Product no.: T103348

MOUS-3 Payload Mission Patch

Product no.: T103350

THAICOM-8 SpaceX Mission Patch

Product no.: T103394

Cygnus OA-6 Mission launch vehicle patch

Product no.: T103383

$7.00 *
In stock

AFSPC-4 Mission Patch

Product no.: T100290

THALES SpaceX Mission Patch

Product no.: T103362

MMS Mission Patch

Product no.: T103360

$7.00 *
In stock

GPS IIF-7 (AV-048) Patch

Product no.: T100289

AsiaSat6 SpaceX Patch

Product no.: T103337

GPS IIF-12 Mission - Launch Vehicle Patch

Product no.: T103379

$7.00 *
In stock

SBRIS GEO-3 Patch 45th LCSS

Product no.: T103442

$7.00 *
In stock

ECHOSTAR XIX Mission Patch

Product no.: T103407

SpaceX SES-10 Mission Patch

Product no.: T103416

CRS-12 SpaceX Mission Patch

Product no.: T103432

SpaceX-NASA DM-2 Mission Patch

Product no.: T103638

$7.00 *
In stock

Patch, SpaceX JCSAT-16

Product no.: T103402

GOES-T Mission Patch

Product no.: T103619

$9.95 *
In stock

ORION EFT-1 Mission Patch

Product no.: T103340

SpaceX FormoSat-5 Mission Patch

Product no.: T103434

SpaceX CRS-13 Mission Patch

Product no.: T103445

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109 - 144 of 258 results

Current Era Mission Patches

Patches issued for current missions launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS)

Project Gemini

Project Gemini

These patches represent the ten manned flights of Project Gemini, which flew in 1965 and 1966, and paved the way for Apollo. Historians take note: Gemini 5 was the first flight to have official crew patches. Gemini 3 had an unofficial patch designed by Gus Grissom, and Gemini 4's crew used the American flag for its official patch.
Project Mercury

Project Mercury

These patches represent the six manned flights of Project Mercury that took America's first steps into space during 1961 to 1963. Historians take note: These patches were designed many years after Project Mercury concluded and never were considered official. However, they are widely accepted today as symbols of the original missions.
Project Apollo

Project Apollo

These patches represent each of the manned missions of Project Apollo, from the tragedy of Apollo 1 to the triumph of Apollo 11 and the bittersweet concluding flight of Apollo 17.
Specialty Patches

Specialty Patches

Patches created for other missions other than Mercury, Gemini, Apollo or current missions


Historical archive of all patches offered for past United Launch Alliance and SpaceX missions as well as discontinued Legacy mission patches. Patches contained herein are no longer for sale by our Gift Shop but are retained for reference purposes. Included on most is a description of the symbolism included in each design.