ECHOSTAR XIX Mission Patch

Product no.: T103407 Notify when available

Mission patch for ECHOSTAR - 19 scheduled to launch 16 December 2016 from Launch Complex 41 in Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.  ECHOSTAR XIX will ride aboard an Atlas V rocket in the 431 configuration (4 meter fairing, 3 solid rocket boosters strapped on to the 1st stage (in addition to the main engine) and a Centaur upper stage with a single engine).  ECHOSTAR XIX is a communications satellite that will be providing high-speed internet to the North American continent.

The Jupiter 2 / EchoStar XIX Patch consists of the planet Jupiter, behind which is the Roman numeral for 2. To match the theme of the patch, the 5 SLS’s iconic stars are stylized in white and red.  At the top of the patch is a satellite made up of 19 “I” characters.

The Eye of Jupiter, also known as the Great Red Spot, is a storm system that has been raging for many decades. This is depicted on the patch and within it is the Atlas logo, which symbolizes our confidence that the Atlas rocket will weather any storms it encounters and deliver the mission into its intended orbit.

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