WGS-8 Mission Patch - Launch vehicle 5th SLS

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Patch created by the 5th SLS support group for the WGS-8 mission scheduled to be launched in December 2016 aboard a Delta IV rocket (5,4) configuration from Space Launch Complex 37 in Cape Canaveral AFS, Florida.  The mission will carry the WGS-8 satellite on board.  The eigth Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellite will work with its sister aircraft providing communication services for US armed forces

The WGS-8 mission patch consists of eight mako sharks - the powerful and fearsome aimal the 45th Launch Group has chosen to represent itself - circling in a figure eight as reference to the mission being the eighth in the wideband Global SATCOM constellation.  Also making an appearance in the patch are the colors of the 45th Launch Group, the Delta IV logo, and the chevron from the AFSPC emblem.  Toward the bottom are the 5th Launch Squadron's iconic stars and at the top is a harkening to a tradition in the 5th's patches for the WGS constellation: the stylized mission name


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