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Patch for the NASA Magnetospheric Multiscale Code 461 mission launched from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on 12 March 2015 10:44pm (2244).  This project is designed to investigate how the Sun's and the Earth's magnetic fields connect and disconnect transfering energy from one to the other.  (Magnetic Reconnection)  This "reconnection" affects our modern technological systems such as GPS, telecommunications networks and electrical power grids.   This spacecraft is the fourth launched of a constellation of 4. 

The patch represents the Atlas 421 vehicle used to place the spacecraft in orbit. The vehicles' tail number AV-053 is shown on the bottom.  The NASA text is shown on the left and the Atlas "A" represents ULA's efforts.  The 5 red stars respresent the 5th Space Launch Squadron efforts.  The 4 satellites that constitute the constellation are represented in the middle of the patch.

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