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Embroidered patch to commemorate the launch of Perseverance Rover that will join Curiosity Rover on Mars to continue exploration of the Red Planet.  Main Job: a technology demostration to test the first powered flight on Mars. The helicopter (named Ingenuity) will ride to Mars attached to Perseverance's belly.

Launch scheduled between 30 July and 15 August of 2020 with projected landing on Mars 18 February 2021. Landing site:  Jezero Crater.   

Patch dimensions:  4.5 in. diameter (11 cm.)

Symbolism:  Red circle - A faithful recreation of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's second insignia for the Mars 2020 mission, introduced in March 2020. The insignia is a simple red circle with a depiction of the Perseverance rover build with simple square blocks, alongside a star shining in the sky or the helicopter Ingenuity in flight. The Mars 2020 mission is intended to be the successor to the Mars Science Laboratory mission, which has operated the Curiosity rover on Mars since its launch in 2011. Perseverance will land in Jezero crater to study the past environment of Mars using scientific instruments specialized in studying soil and materials on Jezero's delta, which once saw large flows of water pass through millions of years ago.



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