SBRIS GEO-3 Mission Patch 5th SLS

Product no.: T103408

This patch is issued by the 5th Space Launch Squadron for the SBRIS GEO-3 Mission that launched successfuly on 20 January 2017 from Launch Complex 41 in Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida

The patch is emblazoned with the five (5) stars identifying the 5th SLS, the Atlas logo and the tail number for the Atlas 401 rocket that carried the 3rd SBRIS GEO satellite into orbit.

The SBRIS GEO Flight 3 patch is heavily inspired by its predecessor, in which a celestial, sunlit eagle sees an incoming missile with laser like vision.  In this patch, a celestial, sunlit Mako shark sees three incoming missiles with piercing azure clarity.  The 45 LCG has selected the Mako shark to represent itself, and the primary mission of the SBRIS program is missile detection and warning.

The patch contains direct references to the mission itself, the launch vehicle used to deliver it into its intended orbit and the men and women of the 5th Space Launch Squadron

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