OSIRIS-REx Mission Launch Vehicle Patch - 5th LSL

Product no.: T103404

Patch created by the 5th SLS for the OSIRIS-REx mission launched on September 8, 2016 from Space Launch Complex 41 in Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida

The patch bears the stylized name of the mission as well as the Atlas vehicle number.  Surrounding the vehicle number are two Sabal palm trees, which are examples of the state tree of the great state of Florida from which the mission was launched.  The entity depicted in the upper left side of the patch is the ancient Egyptian diety known as Osiris, lord of transition and regeneration.  Other than holding a place in the name of the mission itself, it is relevant to the purpose of the mission: there is no more apt diety to use on a mission that will, when successfully completed, return a sample of asteroid material back to Earth.  The placement of the 5th SLS's iconic stars between Oriri's gaze and the Atlas logo is intentional and analogizes the way the Air Force's 5th SLS expertise and unique role protect the Atlas launch vehicle from the dangers intrinsic to space launch.

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