GPS11F-11 Payload Patch 45th LCSS

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GPS IIF-11's call sign is Altair, named after the brightest star in the constellation Aquila. The Eagle represents Altair, the GPS IIF-11 satellite
The Eagle's grip on the Earth represents to our dependency on GPS.  The 10 stars represent the previous 10 GPS IIF satellites that are on orbit
The NAVSTAR represents the 11th GPS IIF satellite, and is located where Altair is in the constellation.  The "Night Gator" is the 45th Launch Support Squadron's mascot
The "Night Gator" is overlooking the GPS IIF constellation, representing the squadron's Mission Assurance role for satellite processing
The black & orange are the 45th Launch Support Squadron's colors.  The organizations that fall in the orange are all the Mission Partners that contribute to the success of satellite processing

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